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Good Always Mayan Hand Made Frisbee – Small


Have you ever been bored on the side of the road or at that service station that is in the middle of nowhere and the only thing there is to do while you stretch your legs before heading back out on the road is to buy refreshments?  Well, be bored no more!  Pick up a frisbee, that not only helps children and families but also keeps you entertained for all those minutes you wait before getting back on the road.  Plus they store in the car easily.  Maybe even fold it up so when you lean your head on the window it doesn’t vibrate you awake so easy.  Get 15 points for the giveaway!

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Genuine handcrafted Mayan Frisbee. Fun to throw, soft to catch! Play ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, and many other fun outdoor games! Made from cotton and machine washable! Patterns can vary and will be randomly chosen when shipped.





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